How to Work

1. Lets start


After your Registration, you will receive your work within 48 working hours.
(Working hours not includes registration date and Sunday/ Holidays.)

Contact us on WhatsApp for more details: 8488836055

2. Download


We will send your work thorough an Email. You have to download your work-files from link given in that email.
(All useful information are given in that email along with your last date of submission)

3. Typing Work


Type all pages (.jpg images) in separate Notepad (.txt) files.
Name of Notepad files should match with Image files.
(example: 100 pages should be typed in 100 different Notepad files.)

4. Format required in Notepad

  • font: Times New Roman
  • Size: 12

Check Demo Sample files for further details. 

5. Make zip file

 After completion of whole work, you have to make a zip file of your notepad files.
If you don't know How:

  1. Paste all Word files in a blank folder.
  2. Right click on that folder.
  3. click on send to option.
  4. click on compressed (zipped) folder.

6. Check before submit


  1. Zip file contains all Word files.
  2. No extra files (images) in zip file.
  3. Zip file is no larger then 6 MB.
  4. Name given in all Notepad files are same as images name.

7. Submit your zip file

 You have to submit your zip file on QC Department's given email address.

  1. Open your registered email address.
  2. Compose a new email.
  3. Attach your completed zip file.
  4. Mention your name and registration number in the Subject on email.
  5. In the content of email, write your name, Project number, registration number and registered mobile number.
  6. send the mail to us.

8. Confirmation


So, once you submit your work, you will receive instant reply from QC Department regarding your submission.
(If you are not getting any instant reply then we are requesting you to contact your allocated representative or send an email us on customer care email.)

9. Result and payment


You will get your Result within 3 working days.
According to your achieved accuracy, you will get your payment on same day through Demand Draft or by NEFT or by IMPS.  (online transfer in your bank account)
(We are not providing service of cash payout.)